Successful completion of a transaction requires a well considered plan that combines strategy and tactics delivered by an experienced and proven execution team.

Ocean Partners' senior advisory team has advised many family business owners on a variety of important areas including:

Business Transactions

Developing transaction strategies to originate and execute value working with business owners and their management to develop transaction strategies to originate and execute value adding mergers, acquisitions or divestments; 

Succession Planning

Planning for family business succession, balancing the need for the owners to unlock capital from the business while also addressing objectives around family investment diversification, desire to plan intergenerational transfer of the family business ownership and managing the founders desire for business ownership continuity.  

Capital Structure

Optimising debt and equity structures for business's to ensure that they have access to adequate capital to to meet growth objectives, while ensuring that their capital mix reflects the relative costs of equity and debt.  

Thorough challenging of business decision making processes will help business owners and senior management teams to ensure actionable financing and strategic decisions will become value enhancing decisions.     

Selecting an advisor with the relevant experience is imperative and we consider that you will find an early discussion with Ocean Partners beneficial.

Working with families and the businesses they own to create value and develop the structures to ensure this wealth is available for future generations. 


Managing money for the family brings great responsibility - both in terms of managing investments and in developing plans to ensure the successful transition of wealth to future generations. 

At Ocean Partners, we work with families to address the issues on establishing investment plans, managing managers, developing intergeneration wealth transition plans, advise on governance and assist families to develop and manage their philanthropy goals.

With many families looking to simplify their family business structures, we provide centralised governance, administrative and  reporting services. 

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