Founded in 2007, Ocean Partners has become a pre-eminent advisor to families and the businesses that they own.


New Zealand has one of the highest levels of entrepreneurship, on a per capita basis  in the OECD.  New Zealand business owners have traditionally had much of their family wealth incorporated in the businesses that they own.

As the early members of the baby boomer generation approach 70 years of age, many of this group who own businesses within the family, are needing to consider ways to liquidate capital from the family businesses and develop plans for intergenerational transfer of family wealth. 

The Ocean Partners' team have a depth of experience in the local and international marketplaces and have all held senior positions within larger international advisory firms. 

With this blend of professional and international experience, the team at Ocean Partners offers specialist transaction advisory services to families and the businesses they own that has traditionally been reserved for the larger corporate entities.    

The baton and the associated burden of managing family wealth is being increasingly passed to younger family members who have the responsibility to ensure that this wealth is preserved for future generations. 

The Ocean Partners' team have experience in working with families to develop investment objectives, assist with managing financial managers and develop the required reporting and external governance structures. 

Ocean Partners is not a registered bank.


Our Partners


Tim Howe
Partner, Co-Founder

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Sarah Ott
Office Managing Partner,



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Angela Dyhrberg
Senior Associate


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