A boutique family office working with families and their businesses to grow, manage and distribute wealth.


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The successful completion of a business transaction requires
a well considered strategy executed by an experienced advisory team.

Ocean Partners' has a proven track record of working with clients to refine their transaction plans to ensure that they meet strategic company objectives and will deliver desired value.

Our senior advisory team has a depth of experience in advising a number of leading New Zealand family business owners through the execution of their mergers, acquisitions and divestments to maximise value of their family business investments. 


Managing money for the family brings great responsibility - both in terms of managing investments and in developing plans to ensure the successful transition of wealth to future generations. 

At Ocean Partners, we work with families to address the issues on establishing investment objectives, selecting and managing investment managers, developing intergeneration wealth transition plans and assisting families to develop and manage their philanthropy goals.

We also provide some families with governance, administrative and comprehensive reporting services.