Selling the Family Business

Webinar Series

Ocean Partners facilitates a number of Webinars and Master Classes to provide provoking thought leadership and education for clients and the wider advisory community.

Current topics include:

  • Selling the Family Business - providing advisors with an insight into navigating the challenges around the sale of clients businesses.
    Audience - legal and accounting advisors

  • Selling the Business to an International Buyer - many New Zealand businesses have over time developed technology and products that lead the global markets. International distribution of these products can be costly and complex. This Webinar provides an insight into the opportunities for partial or full divestment to international competitors, the establishment of growth partnerships and global licencing.
    Audience - business owners and advisors

  • Family Business Master Class - a detailed look for the business owner at the required preparation in the lead up to the sale of the business and critical factors to consider through the process to maximize the outcome.
    Audience - business owners

  • After the Liquidity Event - a look across international best practice to retain family wealth for future generations following the sale of the business.
    Audience - business owners and advisors

  • Capital Raising - an look at the sources of capital available, beyond traditional bank funding, to support businesses requiring growth or expansion capital.
    Audience - business owners and advisors